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    Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
    Alkylphenol ethoxylates
    Polyoxyethylene fatty aci
    Castor oil polyoxyethylen
    Fatty amine polyoxyethyle
    Polyethylene glycol PEG
    Polypropylene glycol PPG
    Allyl polyethylene glycol
    Methoxy group polyethylen
    Polyethylene glycol aliph
    Anti-foaming agent
    Antistatic agent
    Pesticide emulsifying age
    Textile pretreatment auxi
    Textile printing and dyei
    Textile after treatment a
    Special emulsifying agent
    Other auxiliaries
    Levelling agent O
    【Congeneric product name 】PINGPINGJIA O-25, X-102
    【Chemical components】fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide condensation compound
    【H L B value16~17(theoretical value, only for reference)
    【Technical index】
    appearance: white plate
    color: ≤30, Pt-Co
    PH value: 5.5~7.0(1% aqueous solution)
    cloud point: 91.0~96.0℃(0.5gLevelling agent
    LSDR: ≥30.0g
    moisture: ≤1.0%
    【Properties and application】

    In dyeing and printing industry, it has wide application, used as leveling agent in direct dyes, acid dyes, dispersing dyes and positive ion dyes. It can also be used as dispersing agent and stripping agent.
    In metal processing, as detergent;
    In fiber glass industry, as emulsifying agent;
    In common industry, as o/w emulsifying agent; it has fine emulsifying property on mineral oil.

    【Packaging and storage】
        20kg woven bagnon-toxic, store and transport as chemical chemicals; in ventilated and dry placeExpiration date: 2 year
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